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Big Bad Wolf vs Red Riding Hood

Big Bad Wolf vs Red Riding Hood

Imagine a 13ft tall Werewolf glaring directly at you! Scary right!?  This guy stands tall made from a skeletal structure composed of PVC pipes, chicken wire, foam, and love.  It took over 2.5 months to engineer an easy dismount.  I was dressed as Red Riding Hood inside the mouth of this beast.  It was quite fun staring outside my mesh whole from the belly of the beast! People would point and scream! Imagine their faces when I stepped out of his hollow legs and sprung open his chest to appear as Red Riding Hood that slayed her beast on stage before the audiences wide eyes! It was a SPECTACULAR moment! Worth every minute of blood, sweat, and tears that went into the creation of this costume.

Everything from his body to his hands, feet, and head were hand sculpted and cast into latex to be painted.  This won several costume contests downtown Indianapolis including the biggest at the Alt 103 Ball at the Murat Egyptian Room for Halloween 2015.  His legs are hollow with special built shoes to allow me to walk inside the beast and also move his arms up and down with levers that were built inside.   Hard work never looked so good (and SCARY)!


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August 18, 2017

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