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Dalek and Tardis

Dalek and Tardis

This classic duo from Dr. Who was a huge hit at GenCon 2012 winning the costume contest and providing the “wow” factor that every fan was looking for.  The Dalek was made from wood, metal mesh, foam, dry wall light weight Spackle, white paint,  and a toilet plunger.  It took over 2 months to build.  The top was a separate piece from the bottom.  The base was on wheels to navigate easily through the halls of the Indianapolis Convention Center for GenCon 2012.  A small child operated this Dalek and shouted “Exterminate” from inside with a tiny megaphone! He had the time of his life as fans surrounded us to take photos.  I accompanied him with a Tardis dress that was handmade with a mating hat. They were both illuminated with blue LED lights.


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August 18, 2017

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