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Genie in a Genie’s Lamp

Genie in a Genie’s Lamp

What’s better than 2 Genies? Nothing!  This giant master Genie towers arount 13 ft tall and is carrying a beautiful golden lamp full of wishes and one big surprise!  When the lamp lowers to the ground, a beautiful Genie Goddess appears to grant more wishes!   She has been stuck in the master Genies lamp for centuries!  As the lamp lowers a cloud of smoke comes from the spout as the lid is lifted to reveal the beautiful Genie tucked away.  The mask was sculpted and cast in latex to be hand painted.

The lamp is composed of several circles of light weight foam and then rasped to take the shape of the magnificent lamp before being dusted in gold leaf paint and of course lots of GLITTER! LOTS! Still finding glitter years later! His eyes were lined with blue LED lights for his majestic stare at the audience.  This costume won several contest in Indianapolis for Halloween with the biggest being at The Vogue in Broadripple 2013.


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August 18, 2017

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