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Maxim Indy 500

Maxim Indy 500

Talk about a stroke of luck and skill combined!  I was referred by the wonderful Chris Beaty and James Waldon to take part in one of the largest events in Indianapolis history.  The running of the 100th Indy 500 took place in May of 2016.  Maxim Magazine and Karma International hosted the biggest nightlife party featuring a stellar atmosphere and Tiesto as the headliner at the PanAm Pavillion building downtown Indy.

I had 2 days to put together 30 bodysuits for bottle service girls with checkered flag side stripes, a sexy neckline, and promotional patches. Alongside stood the host racing suits with matching patches!  Julie Stein was a delight and such a pleasure to work for while scrambling to finish before the big event!  I had also made myself a checkered flag ball gown for the evening!  I put together matching garments,for myself, to rock the entire race weekend! They were a hit!  I had a stroke of genius and decided to put 3M reflective fabric, from a caution vest, on the trim of my garments.  When flashes of light hit my dresses, they illuminated very brightly!  Talk abut eye catching! Huge success!!


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August 18, 2017

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