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Gizmo vs Gremlin

Gizmo vs Gremlin

Two of my favorite 80s horror movie characters. Gizmo and Greta the big red lip Gremlin!  This costumes starts with a cute fuzzy Gizmo who dances around but suddenly finds himself splashed with blue glitter water and eating chicken after midnight! Poof! He transforms into the love struck Greta who is searching for her next kissing victim for her evil Gremlin heart!  So fun!  Both faces were hand sculpted and cast with latex.

The body suits were also hand made from painted mesh and faux fur.  Funny little fact, Gizmo’s eyes are made from an old coconut bra that I painted from a previous costume!  Up-cycling at its finest!  This costume won the costume contest at Mask Fest Horrorhound Convention in Indianapolis 2015.


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August 18, 2017

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