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Villains of Batman

Villains of Batman

These wild costumes were built for ComiCon 2016!  It was quite amusing to hear people shout at us when we walked past.  Most thought it was really cool to have 2 sided costumes of their beloved 90s Batman villains, but when they got a load of us from behind, it was AWESOME! You could hear them shout, “WOW, no way!! There are 4 characthers in 1!!”  Once again blowing peoples minds with ease haha!  The four part bodysuits were hand made along with the 2 four faced masks from latex casts.

There were LED lights surrounding Mr. Freeze, toxic waste in Bane’s head tubes, a prosthetic smile for Joker, sharp crystal metal nails for Catwoman, very realistic eyes on all characters including eyelashes (great idea Sam Gencer, you rock!), and the scariest beak anyone has ever seen on Penguin!  There were 8 characters total including a 9th with a mask prop, created for fans to use during  photo ops! You cant forget Two Face!  This was a huge hit at the Indianapolis ComiCon and we definitely made it on the cover for their website! Winning! Special shout out to my best friend Chelsea Emerson for wearing such a crazy costume for many hours.  She is my rock.

She has always been such a supporter during the many years of my self discovery as an artsy, wild, crazy, sometimes bossy costume maker.  Love you to the moon Chels. Honorable mention to my sign guy, JR Dawson.  What a fun loving criminal. Wouldnt have anyone else hold my ducktaped  glowing sign, no doubt.


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August 18, 2017

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