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About Jess West

This Is My Story

                I was born to create.  I have attempted many projects that some might feel are impossible.  I believe that I can honestly make anything.  Hard work, determination, practice, learning from mistakes, and a little faith can go a long way on the road to success.  .  I have been creating my costumes for the majority of my life beginning in 6th grade with Poison Ivy from the 1992 Batman movies. Over the years my hobby has turned into my career. I am a self taught artist. After many years of making costumes for customers across Indianapolis, I was discovered by the Indy Star Newspaper. My handmade Chewbacca inspired costume had finally put me on the map. I had created the like sized 7 foot tall costume for GenCon 2016. The Indy Star wrote a feature article about this particular creation and added a cover story about my path to success as a costume maker in Indianapolis. Soon after, every news channel and publication in the city began showcasing my work and writing articles about Jess West Costumes. Since then, I have been featured on multiple media and news outlets across the country including USA Today, Indy Star, Nuvo, Geist Magazine, all local News Channels, WFYI, Radio Now, WBBM Chicago, and many more. Due to the wide range of articles and interviews I have been able to make custom pieces for several nationally recognized companies such as the New York Yankees, MTV, Maxim Magazine, and many more. Jess West Costumes also supplies many local companies and individuals with custom made pieces, mascots for local businesses, custom curtains for local bars/restaurants, entertainment pieces for local charities, and many more. I have been very blessed with my career and I attribute lots of hard work, determination, and talent to my success. After years of practice and determination I am now a full time professional costume designer. Jess West Costumes has a wonderful costume shop and even a few employees. Business seems to grow more and more each month, and the different requests for custom made items grows daily. Again, I will state that I can make anything and I love a challenge. My goal is to make people say wow, feel inspired, and be whatever they want to be. I want them to be able to express themselves and be an inspiring individual in our creations. I love to make custom costumes, clothes, home décor, personal customer designs, etc. I can guarantee that you won’t find anything else like a Jess West Costumes original. That’s a PROMISE!